Is An Active Duty Soldier Considered A Veteran

You can be a veteran of a conflict or War but while you’re on active duty you’re considered a soldier sailor Airman or Marine. Once you leave the military then you’re formally considered a vet and able to apply for benefits from the veterans administration. hollett, considered.

Tammy Duckworth is taking aim at a new move by the Trump administration to deport family members of activity-duty military.

ELI5: Are active duty military members considered veterans and do they get the special treatment on Veterans Day and for Veterans discounts and promo codes? ( self.explainlikeimfive ) submitted 4 years ago by GunTotingEngineerGal

The Department of Education outlines a veteran as any individual that was a member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Air Force. This individual served as active duty and received a discharge that was any type other than dishonorable. There is not a requirement for the time frame that a person served in order to be considered a veteran.

A veteran is anyone who has served in the military. As far as veteran benefits are concerned, only those who have served at least six months on active duty are eligible for benefits.

A practitioner should research the tax benefits offered by each state for which the client is filing, since benefits for active duty personnel are common, yet vary by state. Service members have exceptions for when tax payments are due, as well as penalties and interest.

 · Employees who are called to active duty in support of the ongoing national emergency are entitled to military leave under two separate provisions. A Federal employee who is a member of the National Guard or Reserves is entitled to 15 days (120 hours) of paid military leave under 5 U.S.C. 6323(a) each fiscal year for active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty training.

By regulation 180 days of continuous Active Duty constitutes you to be a veteran. You are not considered such for Veterans Tax discounts. BCT & AIT usually do not fit this criteria.

If an active duty person has served in a prior period of time and was discharged under honorable conditions, then joined the military again, they would be considered active duty and a Veteran as long as their prior service was at least 180 days of active duty.

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